Each year, the Quit to Win! Challenge helps thousands of smokers in Quebec to butt out. For six weeks, from February 5 to March 18, 2018, let us help you win at quitting!


On average, how many cigarettes do you smoke each day?

By taking up the Challenge, you’ll save about in 6 weeks*.
That's enough to cover .

Des prix**

it’s the perfect excuse to give your wallet a break and save some money for the things that really matter to you.

you won’t have to stand outside to smoke anymore. No more missing out on precious moments, no more wasting your time or feeling like you’re only there half the time!

you won’t miss smelling of “Eau de ashtray”.

Why Quit with the Challenge?

Butting out for six weeks is a realistic goal that increases your odds of quitting for good by six times. And with all the free tools and support we offer, you’ll be even more likely to succeed—that’s a fact!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying!

Join the Challenge